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Let's work together. No, seriously. Together.

We don't work like a typical agency. Instead of you giving us an assignment and us disappearing for weeks or months, we join your team. That's why we ask you to invite us to work with you. Too many times we worked under SOWs with specific milestones and timelines. Deliverables. Ugh. And do you know what happens nearly every time? Scope changes. Priorities evolve. In the end, no one is fully happy.

We decided we weren't going to work that way. Here's what we think is a better way (and our results back it up):

  • We don’t bill hourly

  • We don't do projects

  • We won't set milestones

  • We won't work for your efforts any less than half time per person

  • We only sign year+ engagements that you can cancel with 60 days notice

  • We assign at least one principal to your project with a ton of experience

How do you start? Invite one of our principals to join your team part-time. We'll see where it goes from there. If we like you and you like us, we will do great things. Together.

Let's work together